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Strange Times

I can’t believe that September is almost gone. When did that happen? The weather still says Summer her so I am grateful. I will be content to have it as long as it wants to stay.

Stella has been weird this morning. After breakfast she went out with Essie but came in first. She was at my side constantly after that. She followed me to get my laptop out of my office and sat while I did my thing on here beside me getting scratched. She normally hangs out on the couch or outside. Essie followed me around until after breakfast.

The day just feels weird. I didn’t want to wake up at all today. Every time I did I glanced at the clock and decided a little more sleep was needed. The last time I fell asleep I dreamed of Moose. I got to love and play with my Baby Boy again. To compound things I just can’t seem to wake up. Coffee isn’t really doing much.

I think I did too much yesterday. My body let me do things without too much issue yesterday but I am paying for it today. Oh well. Hopefully we can figure out something else on the 30th. Reminds me I need to write this on the calendar or I will forget to request it off. It is frustrating that to get something taken care of you have to have multiple appointments with various doctors but the appointments are spread out so far that things just get worse and worse. Then when you finally get to the next doctor it is past anything they can do for you. “If I’d only be able to see you sooner…” Yeah no kidding. 😠

I think I will try to do some work on the novel. I think I have enough time to do that. I close tonight but I have to be there at noon so it will be one of my long days. Just three more days and I get my four days off. (Don’t be too impressed. The first two are for the colonoscopy.) Ok. Time to wrap this up if I am going to get anything else done. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

12 thoughts on “Strange Times”

  1. Hey Jen, it’s not just September – it’s the whole year it is seemingly whizzing by at a hare’s pace and yet other times it’s as fast as a snail – go figure?

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