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Where To Go

This morning I am out here on my own. Essie did not want to eat. I don’t blame her. It’s way too early. Atleast I get out early today. Well earlier.

The pain with my back has gotten me into a bad head space. I can get out of it for a while but when I am alone it creeps back in. I doubt myself and my abilities. I didn’t work on the novel last night like I had hoped for just that reason. I did get an appointment set up for the week after next to see my doctor. On to the next course of treatment I guess. I also need to call in my main prescription Monday. I will just make it through the weekend with what I have left. With everything going on I didn’t realize I was that low until today. I might try calling it in today. I don’t know how soon I can pick it up.

We were supposed to get rain last night. The sky kept getting dark with clouds but nary a drop fell. I might have to water the outside plants when I get home. Yesterday was a beautiful Summer day… especially since it is almost Fall. The girls and I spent a lot of time outside once I got home. One of the things I did do last night was clip a bunch of my leaves off my pumping plants. They had begun to get mildew on them. I guess the only course of action was to cut off the mildewed leaves. I went to several sites online to check. There wasn’t much in my gardening books. I hope they will survive and we can get pumpkins this year. I planted them in time for a decent harvest but they seem to be taking forever. The last time I planted them late and I had a better time of it.

The clock tells me I need to get moving here. I am opening manager so I need to get there a little earlier than I am scheduled. I get to sleep in a little tomorrow but it will still be a 10 hour day. We are all hoping that we will go back to closing at 8pm soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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