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Time, Why Do You Go So Fast?

The sun is out but it was chilly enough for the furnace to come on. I may need to figure out where to start bringing my plants in very soon. My plans last night were a complete wash. Dad insisted that we talk so I didn’t get anything done. But would I have done anything if left to my own devices? I’d like to think so but I don’t really know.

Days are just going too fast. Even when I get things done it seems like weeks have passed and I need to do it again. It feels as though there is time to everything in the morning but I blink and it is nightfall and nothing was accomplished. I feel guilty for taking a day to relax even though I need to. I did get dishes and laundry done. I did a bit of gardening in one of the front gardens.

Stella kept barking at things last night. There were lights again but I think it was someone turning around in our driveway versus a flashlight like the other night. But she would hear something and growl and then bark as she left the bed and went to the kitchen window to bark some more. Right now she is asleep on her back behind me on the loveseat.

Our young male cardinal is back at the feeder. He is becoming redder and redder as Fall comes on. He doesn’t have his head crest yet though. I believe there is a young female that comes here too. I will need to put the feeder back into the trees soon. I try to keep it up there during the winter so the birds have some kind of shelter to eat in when the weather gets bad.

I think I will wrap this up and try to get something done on my novel. Wish me luck! Lol. No gardening just the novel. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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