To Dream A Little Dream….Of Sleep

This morning the pain is almost unbearable. Both girls have gone back to bed. Essie got up once to try to get me back to bed. Oh how I wish! I am also very tired. I am glad that I am manager. I can walk around and try to stay awake. I woke up at 3:30am then remembered that I had more time to sleep. I dozed for another hour and then got up to turn off my alarm only to realize I had another hour. I fell into a decent dream the last five minutes before my alarm went off.

Mom and I had a nice long talk yesterday. I caught her up on everything. I was just going on at the mouth seemingly nonstop. I don’t have much exciting new to tell. I am just looking forward to nightfall so I can got back to bed (I can’t sleep while it is still light out… even in the morning it is what wakes me). I close tomorrow so I can actually sleep in. Yay🥴

Hang on… I had to clean the filter on the dryer. Hopefully my shorts get dry. The dryer seems to think that things are done when they are not. We’ll see. I’ll try to remember to get laundry put away. I did manage to get the girls medicine yesterday. I did not pick up mine. I still have plenty and honestly I was just too tired. I almost didn’t pick up theirs but they were due to get it on the 6th. I never seemed to have the time.

Since I am manager this morning I need to make sure I leave a little early. I need to make sure that everything is set up before we open. We are back to opening at 7am. Atleast I will have staff instead of doing it all myself. I also see by the clock that I need to get going. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a little more… something. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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