A Little Out Of Focus

Good grief… it is currently just after 5am. I managed to get to bed around midnight. Then Stella and I heard someone going up and down a neighbor’s driveway around 2am. They had their lights off. So I locked all the doors and messaged Chris. He got home an hour later. He came to bed an hour after that. I got up 30 minutes after that.

Essie got up with me (bless her). After breakfast and going out side she went back to bed. A few minutes later Stella got up and did the same routine. Right now Essie is behind me on the couch trying to sleep. She keeps hoping that I will do this and go back to bed. Oh how I wish I could baby girl!

I got nothing done on my novel yesterday before work. I cleaned my Nikon camera and lenses. AND I finally figured out how to use the various lens that came with the set! Yay! I have the two lenses I regularly use (regular short lens and the long one) but I also have a selection of others that attach to those lenses for added oomph. So once I figured that out I had to play with them a little to see what they did. I will add a few of those photos. We’ll see if they look any different than the regular shots. I remember one of them is a macro lens.

I see by the clock that if I am going to add said photos I should wrap this up. Let me know what you think of the “new” photo styles. Thanks for reading and stay safe! Oh and get some sleep for me!

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