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Time Moving Too Fast

By the time I got home yesterday all the pain I was in put me in a bad headspace. Working in the deli was just too much. The owner of the store came in and was talking to me. He said that if I needed some time off to just let them know. That was early in my shift so I said I should be ok but I would keep them in the loop. I was still feeling pretty good. By the end of the night I was miserable and could barely walk.

It is a cold morning here. I am not ready for the cold. Even more so because I need to find a place to keep my plants over the winter. It is cold enough that I covered Stella up with a blanket. She just pulled it tighter around herself with her teeth. The sky is overcast. The sun really came out and warmed things up yesterday evening. I am hoping for a bit of sun today.

Things are still moving forward with the house clean up. I vacuumed the house when I got home. i figured I was miserable already so why not. And it would be one less thing to do today. I also got a bunch of things put away. Today I am going to try to find my office. A lot of stuff has been getting dumped in there. I didn’t bother to vacuum in there. Mostly because I had no floor. I am hoping to move those piles so I can have some private space.

The flip side is that I do need to take a day to relax. Things are moving along here and I am doing as much as I can but I need a break. Mentally and physically. I am supposed to call Dad today but I think I am going to back out. Same with calling Mom. I need to just be for a day. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

15 thoughts on “Time Moving Too Fast”

  1. I swear as I was reading this it sounded like some things I need to do (cleaning the office) vacuuming..etc. I am just being lazy right now. I hope today finds you pain free.

    I do agree that time is moving too fast. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lol. I keep trying to do more on the days that I work so I can do less on those that I don’t. Then I end up doing more on the days I don’t instead of taking break. 😳
      I hope you find the drive you need to do what you need to.😁 Thanks for reaching out!πŸ₯°

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    1. I am practicing with some of the different doodahs on my camera. I don’t know the names of the buttons and dials but I do know what get are supposed to do. Lol. I’m glad you enjoyed some of the shots I got!😊

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