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Random Ins And Outs

The morning has dawned in reverse. I woke up and the sky to the west was brighter than the sky to the east. The eastern sky was covered in thick clouds. Those clouds have since covered everything and it is now a steady rain. We heard a brief rumble of thunder but nothing since. Both the girls have been a bit on edge since.

I got the call this morning. My procedure will be at 9am tomorrow. Which means I won’t get much sleep tonight. Nothing but liquids today. I am getting a headache because I am so hungry. Jello and clear liquids just don’t fill the hole. The early time also means that I have no idea when this will get written tomorrow. I have to be up at 4am to drink the last of the prep.

I brought all my plants in last night. I was going to get just too cold. But now when do I put them back out? Hmmm… I guess they are staying in tonight as well. I looked at the forecast and it doesn’t look good. We have about reached the warmest we will get today and it is still early morning. The flip side of all this is that this cold rain will bring out the colors.

I keep thinking of my friend Linda that I lost last month. Wow. I think it has been a month since we lost her, to the day. A woman came up to the gas window the other day and I had to look twice. She looked so much like Linda. I really miss her. I still have the texts we sent each other. I can’t bring myself to delete them.

I suppose I should wrap this up. I am just dawdling around on here because my anxiety is starting to kick in. And there isn’t anything I can do about it. Not even eat any comfort food. Well here goes… Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Here And Poof!

I just need to get through today…. Sadly that just means the colonoscopy is that much closer but atleast I will be home tomorrow. I have started stocking up on my “food” for this adventure. I got some white tea, Tang (there is a blast from my past!), Gatorade, Jello (I made some last night but I am going to get more and put them in my Halloween molds to cheer me up) and chicken broth.

I am sorry I did not get to everyone’s blog as I had intended this morning. It is way early and I (surprise!) did not give myself enough time. I am sitting here with a Pitbull sitting on the front of my calf. Goofball. She has now moved to the couch.

We pretty much sat and talked for the last hour of work last night. There was no one but us. We are all hoping that we go back to the 8pm close. With tourist season over there is no real reason to stay open til 9pm.

Despite my early out I still don’t want to go in. I am wiped out. But 4 days off start at 2pm… That is going to be my mantra today. Poof! And just like that I have to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Last Bits Of Summer

Today is the last day of Summer. Mother Nature seems as sad as I since it has been raining all night and still is. The wind has turned a bit chilly but it has been wonderfully hot and humid the past few days. I’m sure many people find the cooler air a relief. It has brought a hazy, but thickening, blanket of fog.

Last night was the full moon. I was able to get some wild photos only the moon came out from behind the clouds. In a few it looks like daytime! I enjoy the unusualness of some of the night time photos I am able to photograph.

Stella is asleep on the couch with her head on the arm. All you can see is the front of her face. When the wind blows through (I have the window and sliding glass window open) you can see her nose just start sniffing away. Eyes stay shut but that nose is busy! lol Essie is snoozing with her frisbee in front of the bedroom door. She is out cold. Once she starts dreaming everything is going. She seems to like chasing things in her dreams. Probably frisbees or her siblings. Maybe even a rabbit of two.

I got everything done on my list before work yesterday. Yay! I even spent quality time with Calypso. The poor snake doesn’t get near the attention she deserves. I also managed to find a rather large spider hanging out in my shower. Scared the crap out of me! So I scooped her up into a glass jar and set her outside. Even Chris was surprised at her size. The marking on her back were kinda cool. Like one of those stick outlines of a spider. I did take a photo. It might be hard to see her as she blends in beautifully. I need to see if I can find out what kind of spider she is.

And my writing… I did get some journaling done lase night. But things conspired against me when I would try to get working on my novel. But I will keep at it. I don’t have anything that needs to be done this morning so the plan is to work on it after this is posted. I’m not going to have time tonight as I close then I need to be back at work at 6am tomorrow morning. I also need to start watching what I eat. There are certain things I shouldn’t eat before my colonoscopy. I plan to stock up on broth and such so I have food and drink. I think I will be trying out some of the new Gatorade flavors! Maybe I drink some nostalgia and get a container of Tang! Regardless I need to wrap this up so I can get to work on my novel. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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One Day Closer

One day closer to my days off. Yesterday was a bit of a mess at work. I had no closing carry out so that meant I did the bottle machine when it filled up, propane tank exchanges, filling the various coolers….. I did have help with the closing stuff that I couldn’t do. One of the guys from the deli stayed after and did that for me. Four of our eight gas pumps went down. I had someone come out and fix them but an hour or so later two of the pumps went down again. Soooo I messaged the manager to let him know.

The wind has calmed down. When I opened the sliding glass door to let Essie out it was just out and out wind and strong. Now it’s more like a strong breeze and it isn’t constant like before. The girls have been cuddle bugs since I got home last night.

I have my to do list for this morning before work. There are only three things on it so I should be able to get everything done. I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so if I can get two of them done before Chris gets up I can get the major pain done once he get s up and hop in the shower. I am referring to cleaning the mouse cage. I have put it off too long. When you can notice it as soon as you walk in the door you need to clean it. I might try to sneak the snake cage in too. Calypso’s cage is pretty quick to clean out. I try to do them both the same day. No real reason why.

I am looking around the room at random stuff. Mostly my writing tools. I am frustrated by my fountain pens. I have new colored ink for some of them and it is like writing with colored water. I think I may need to leave a comment on their site. I prefer to write with my fountain pens but the ink is so light and thin that I will switch out pens after about half a page. I prefer my ink thick and bold. That way when I write with my fountain pens it shows up.

Ok. I need to wrap this up and start on my list. Thanks for reading. And thank you all for your comments! I enjoy chatting with everyone! Stay safe!

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Strange Times

I can’t believe that September is almost gone. When did that happen? The weather still says Summer her so I am grateful. I will be content to have it as long as it wants to stay.

Stella has been weird this morning. After breakfast she went out with Essie but came in first. She was at my side constantly after that. She followed me to get my laptop out of my office and sat while I did my thing on here beside me getting scratched. She normally hangs out on the couch or outside. Essie followed me around until after breakfast.

The day just feels weird. I didn’t want to wake up at all today. Every time I did I glanced at the clock and decided a little more sleep was needed. The last time I fell asleep I dreamed of Moose. I got to love and play with my Baby Boy again. To compound things I just can’t seem to wake up. Coffee isn’t really doing much.

I think I did too much yesterday. My body let me do things without too much issue yesterday but I am paying for it today. Oh well. Hopefully we can figure out something else on the 30th. Reminds me I need to write this on the calendar or I will forget to request it off. It is frustrating that to get something taken care of you have to have multiple appointments with various doctors but the appointments are spread out so far that things just get worse and worse. Then when you finally get to the next doctor it is past anything they can do for you. “If I’d only be able to see you sooner…” Yeah no kidding. 😠

I think I will try to do some work on the novel. I think I have enough time to do that. I close tonight but I have to be there at noon so it will be one of my long days. Just three more days and I get my four days off. (Don’t be too impressed. The first two are for the colonoscopy.) Ok. Time to wrap this up if I am going to get anything else done. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Where To Go

This morning I am out here on my own. Essie did not want to eat. I don’t blame her. It’s way too early. Atleast I get out early today. Well earlier.

The pain with my back has gotten me into a bad head space. I can get out of it for a while but when I am alone it creeps back in. I doubt myself and my abilities. I didn’t work on the novel last night like I had hoped for just that reason. I did get an appointment set up for the week after next to see my doctor. On to the next course of treatment I guess. I also need to call in my main prescription Monday. I will just make it through the weekend with what I have left. With everything going on I didn’t realize I was that low until today. I might try calling it in today. I don’t know how soon I can pick it up.

We were supposed to get rain last night. The sky kept getting dark with clouds but nary a drop fell. I might have to water the outside plants when I get home. Yesterday was a beautiful Summer day… especially since it is almost Fall. The girls and I spent a lot of time outside once I got home. One of the things I did do last night was clip a bunch of my leaves off my pumping plants. They had begun to get mildew on them. I guess the only course of action was to cut off the mildewed leaves. I went to several sites online to check. There wasn’t much in my gardening books. I hope they will survive and we can get pumpkins this year. I planted them in time for a decent harvest but they seem to be taking forever. The last time I planted them late and I had a better time of it.

The clock tells me I need to get moving here. I am opening manager so I need to get there a little earlier than I am scheduled. I get to sleep in a little tomorrow but it will still be a 10 hour day. We are all hoping that we will go back to closing at 8pm soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What A Novel Idea!

This is going to be short. I read as many of your blogs as I could before this. I closed last night and back at 6am. I am really sleepy but not crabby so that is a bonus. The girls ate and I am struggling through my first cup of coffee.

So much has happened in these past few weeks…. I am trying to keep my mind on task. I did get some work done on the novel. One full page written and four new characters introduced. I started a short blip for each one. I intend to flesh them out either tonight or tomorrow. I am very excited to see where this goes. I have a basic game plan but I think I have a few more things to throw at my character than in tended. We shall see! it feels good to get moving with the novel again.

I am contemplating trying National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) in November. I might try to do it with this novel. You are actually supposed to have something fresh to start with. Nothing written. But if things are moving along steadily then I think I might still use this novel. I was using this novel last year as well. I just hate feeling like I am setting myself up for failure. We’ll see. Like the song says I might do it my way! lol.

I see by the ticking of the clock that I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Time, Why Do You Go So Fast?

The sun is out but it was chilly enough for the furnace to come on. I may need to figure out where to start bringing my plants in very soon. My plans last night were a complete wash. Dad insisted that we talk so I didn’t get anything done. But would I have done anything if left to my own devices? I’d like to think so but I don’t really know.

Days are just going too fast. Even when I get things done it seems like weeks have passed and I need to do it again. It feels as though there is time to everything in the morning but I blink and it is nightfall and nothing was accomplished. I feel guilty for taking a day to relax even though I need to. I did get dishes and laundry done. I did a bit of gardening in one of the front gardens.

Stella kept barking at things last night. There were lights again but I think it was someone turning around in our driveway versus a flashlight like the other night. But she would hear something and growl and then bark as she left the bed and went to the kitchen window to bark some more. Right now she is asleep on her back behind me on the loveseat.

Our young male cardinal is back at the feeder. He is becoming redder and redder as Fall comes on. He doesn’t have his head crest yet though. I believe there is a young female that comes here too. I will need to put the feeder back into the trees soon. I try to keep it up there during the winter so the birds have some kind of shelter to eat in when the weather gets bad.

I think I will wrap this up and try to get something done on my novel. Wish me luck! Lol. No gardening just the novel. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Up And Down We Go

Today’s major task is to balance what I need to do with rest. My back was bad enough at work that I asked to go home. I should’ve probably gone to ER but I can’t add a big chunk of money to my already expanding medical bills (it’s about $300). So here I am. I do have the day off. I do also plan to call to try to get an appointment with my GP (this is only $40).

Yesterday just felt like a disaster for me. It feels like so much went wrong. And it’s not so much that things went wrong as they changed in rapid order. Home, work…. me.

The girls got a special treat yesterday. I tore up three rotisserie chickens for wraps. They only save the clean white meat for those. I hated to just toss them into the trash so I put them in a baggie and that was their dinner. Happy girls! Essie channeled her inner Moose. She laid on the bed and I held the bowl for her as she ate. (It kind of freaked me out that she did that. She always insisted on getting down and going to the kitchen to eat.) But it was a little something special for them.

Oh, so the interior lights in my car (the ones you can turn on and off) are NOT my friend. This is the second time I was searching for some thing in my car and forgot to turn them off. And went to leave the next day with a dead battery. This time was even more irritating because I told myself I needed to remember to turn them off. I still forgot (I was searching for my phone that had fallen out… not in the car but in the driveway). So Chris was a jewel and jumped Angus so I could go to work. Sadly despite my best efforts it didn’t charge anything that short distance. So after work Sunday I had to message him to once again come and jump Angus so I could come home. And after that shift (it was now after 10pm because I was closing manager) I was just wiped out. I had no tears left to cry.

I did get some fun photos last night. I didn’t try any filters but I just changed the mode and that kept the shutter open longer for more light. I think they turned out pretty good. I also found a wild looking maple leaf that was turning it’s colors. Oh and I got my Kitchen Witch from an artist friend of mine. I’ll share that too, She smells like cinnamon (the Kitchen Witch, not my friend 😉). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Change In Plans

I am guessing another storm will be rolling through this morning. Both girls are on the couch together. Essie was by the bedroom door but got up on the couch, something she usually doesn’t do. I have been hearing rumblings through out the morning. The wind has been steady and strong.

Chris has finished cleaning out what will be his Dad’s room. Only it won’t be. After a lengthily discussion with his siblings it was decided that it will be best to get their Dad medical attention first. There is concern over his cancer coming back as well as other issues. So for now Chris is just going down to see what he can do to help. There is relief but still we are concerned about his health. So.

Yesterday’s projects got partially done. I did mess around with my camera (my filters only work on my short lens), I did talk to both my parents, laundry and dishes got done. I did not mow the yard, learn how to refill my ink for my fountain pens or work on my novel (every time I tried something came up). I’m not happy with myself for what I did not get done. But there are only so many hours in the day. I have tomorrow off and will probably get out early tonight so I will try again.

I should wrap this up so I can head out for the meeting. I hope there is no storm but something is brewing out there. I’ll share some of the photos I took with the different filters and such. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and stay safe!