Scared Pibbles and Care Packages

I have determined that Mother Nature hates me today. If she cared then she would not have started her storms just before I was going to bed last night. I might have an hour of sleep right now. Storms were supposed to atleast ease up before I left for work this morning but they are steadily rumbling and flashing along. I have Essie sleeping at my feet. I did get her to eat breakfast. Stella is in with Chris. She ate a little bit too.

We are in my office with the light on. That seems to help with the lightening. Until the power cuts out. But I will take it. I hate having to leave them when it is storming out. The bonus about leaving this early is that they can have Chris to cuddle with. I don’t shut the bedroom door.

When I get home tonight I hope to finish putting together the care package for my friend. I picked up some more goodies for her. I hope they cheer her up. The long and short of it is that some idiot made a left hand turn after essentially cutting her off on her motorcycle at 60mph. She was helicoptered out and had to be shocked back to life I think three times. But after several surgeries she is resting back home. Seriously people! Watch out for motorcycles! Hell EVERYTHING when you are driving!!!! I get so mad when I see people playing around with their phones and stuff while they are driving not even looking at the road. No one seems to feel they need to pay attention. 😡🤬

And here is Stella…. the thunder is literally rumbling across the sky for like a minute or longer now. Sigh… they both seem to be ok with me here in the lighted office. Mostly. Stella still shivers when the thunder goes. It seems to have quieted down???? Nope. Lightening AND thunder. One right on top of the other. Oh boy. I am going to wrap this up and try to calm the girls. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Scared Pibbles and Care Packages”

    1. Thanks. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed with so much going on. You can have some of our rain! There is more flooding happening with all these storms popping up. I hope things cool down for you guys soon! ❤️

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