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Working to Ease the Malaise

This morning’s mental health is a bit better than yesterday’s. I still feel overwhelmed. I know part of that is that it has been such a busy week. Almost too much. Next week is a huge contrast. I have one meeting. Nothing else going on. I am hoping that since we are slowing down at work I will have more time to… find myself? Sort of but not quite. Maybe get myself together.

Ohhh I forgot we are going to have company the first few days of the week. A friend is going to crash one out couch because he has a job locally for a few days and lives down state. I don’t know how this will affect or morning and evening routines yet because I have no idea of his hours. I may only see him when I get home from work.

My goal is to get a review written on the latest book I finished reading. It is from a fellow writer I found on Twitter. I enjoyed it. Not what I expected (in a good way). I wanted to go and do one book review on here a week but that hasn’t happened yet. But it is still a goal. If anyone has any suggestions for reading material or something they would like to be reviewed please reach out. I don’t mind.

I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment this morning but I had to cancel. I thought this particular appointment was the end of September not August. I knew this month was busy but sheesh! I have been trying to call to reschedule but I keep getting the eternal hold and I leave a message and then we play phone tag. Very frustrating.

The moon is almost full. I wonder how things will play out around here. Work tends to get a bit crazy on the full moon. I should wrap this up so it can get posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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