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Facing the Inevitable

I am feeling very solemn this morning. In my dreams last night I watched as my Mother died. It was one of those where she was ready to go but couldn’t. I cried a lot in my dream. I can still see her body wrapped in a blanket once she died. I do not like this feeling. It will be coming soon enough.

Ok. Positive things…. I did get my tattoo yesterday. It turned out better than I’d hoping for. (I just stopped myself from using ! because it was too boisterous… I need to shake off this sadness!) The photos I took/had taken do not do it justice. It literally looks like a butterfly is resting on my hand. It is so delicate and beautiful… I am very very happy with it. I have also decided to get pictures of various butterflies that visit tattooed in various spots on my body. My goal is to look like they just landed. And with the realism that my artist can tattoo it will be amazing!

I got some nice photos yesterday of critters in the garden. I also got a few of the moon last night. It wasn’t a full moon but it still looked cool shrouded in clouds. I will share as much as I can. I will probably need to go through and delete some old ones to get more room for the new. But I am proud of the new ones. I need to get more on my photography site. I have really been neglecting that side of things.

Oh and one more bright spot. Yesterday was my 1000th day in a row of posting. 😁 I am pretty proud of that. Now if I can get some of that energy and determination into my photography site….

I’m going to wrap this up so I can add the photos and get this posted. I may see about adding to my photography site as well. Since they are on my phone I can add them easily to the site. What takes so long is adding the descriptions and search words. I have to have atleast 5 search words for each photo. And thank you to my loyal readers… your staying around to read and comment on my work means a lot. It doesn’t feel like I am writing in a vacuum. Stay safe!

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