Post Birthday Blues

I feel like a deer in headlights right now. Not near as good a sleep as the night before. But the show must go on. Yesterday was amazing. I had birthday messages from family and friends through out the day. I was able to knockout some gardening as well.

Why am I grumpy? I have been trying to figure that out since I woke up. Now that I am looking at my keyboard I notice that my keys no longer light up. It normally goes off when the screen times out. But when I woke the screen up it stayed off. Ahhhh. I think I answered my own question. The battery on here is very low. It probably uses too much battery to keep them lit. (I have been trying not to plug the laptop in every day to let the battery run down some.)

I am looking at what I wrote and am tempted to delete it. It is just blather. I got up extra early to do this and I have very little time in which to do it. Where did my time go? That is the real reason I don’t delete it. I don’t have time to come up with something else. And my mind is going over everything that needs to get done. Thankfully I had a day without that. Now the reminders are stronger than ever.

I have gotten some rather nice photos. This morning there was a cardinal at the feeder followed by a blue jay (I know there is a baseball reference in there somewhere). And a baby blue jay. This one doesn’t have all his/her neck feathers. To end on a good note I will share those photos and some from yesterday. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. They mean a lot.🥰 Stay safe!

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