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Early Morning (forgot a title🙄)

I’ve been awake since 1:30 this morning. 2pm can’t get here soon enough. I am trying not to be crabby. I really am. It is an uphill battle this early in the morning.

Tomorrow is my big day. I turn 49 years old. Next year I roll over to 50. I might be going out for lunch. I’m not for sure yet. I should know by the time I leave work today. One of my friends is supposed to stop by.

I am sleepy enough I am staring at the screen a lot. Which means I now have a very few minutes to do this then get myself together and out the door. Ah well. Both girls have gone back to bed with Chris this morning. But they both ate breakfast so I am glad.

I give up. I’m going to add a few pictures and put this out there. Sorry there’s not more substance. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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