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Adulting…. I Don’t Wanna

I did too much yesterday. I didn’t hurt too much so I buzzed along like I had no issues. I am paying for it now. But I got a lot accomplished so I am happy. The new schedule comes out either today or tomorrow. I am apprehensive because if I am not able to use a vacation day somewhere I will end up feeling worse than I do now. That will be atleast a 7 day stretch between days off.

Since I have the day off I am contemplating just hanging outing the yard after my consult (the whole thing just makes me angry) this afternoon. This morning however I am getting my hair trimmed. I need to leave here in about…. half an hour.

There is a rather large blue jay hanging out at the feeder. I still need to get some hooks so that I can hang the feeder somewhere instead of propping it up in the tree (I don’t mind doing it for the winter). I am sad that summer is going so fast. Some of that is all the hours working. I miss enjoying it. I think I might ask for some time off next summer. Especially since I was the manager for the 4th of July (it is our Thanksgiving…. Black Friday is the beginning of the busy season for regular retailers). So we’ll see. Both girls are outside sunning themselves.

I do have my next appointment for my back though. I got that phone call this morning. September 2nd. Day after my eldest son’s birthday. I just want to stay home… I am tired of doing all my running on my days off. One day off that is actually a day off once every few weeks does not help.

Ok, clock says that need to get moving. Thanks for reading ❤ Stay safe!

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