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Aaaaand More Storms

I rode on the coat tails of a good sleep last night. There were more storms yesterday. I was at work for the worst of them unfortunately. I felt guilty because the girls were home alone. That being said the storms from the night before knocked out power to a good portion of the area. A lot of wash out on the roads as well as a lot of trees down. We even had a bridge wash out!

Yesterday was sunny until a little before I was getting ready to go to work. Then the dark clouds started to roll in. Today is supposed to be nice….??? I did get some gardening done before work yesterday. A lot of it was picking up branches in the yard. Some of them were a good size. I see more to get today though.

Soooo the big annoyance of the week? No colonoscopy tomorrow. Yeah. I called Monday and left a message (after about 15 minutes on hold) since I hadn’t heard anything about getting the nasty stuff to drink for the procedure or to verify my appointment. They called me back Tuesday. It is just supposed to be a consultation. I’m sorry what?! All this time I had been told that it was the actual procedure and both of us took the day off and it ‘s just going to be a consult?! I was and am pissed off. On the plus side I am still getting my hair cut that morning.

Both girls are snoozing. I think the humidity will be up again today. I feel like we are living in the tropics. I thought about putting out my swing but if I am going in early to put the rest of the liquor order out before my shift starts I might need to just leave it til tomorrow. Sunday morning might see an early early post as well. I have another liquor order coming in tomorrow so if I don’t get all that put out Saturday I may come in early on Sunday and stay. I am already going in at 5am to let the deli manager in so I might just stay and get the liquor order finished. We’ll see.

I’d better wrap this up and get a few things accomplished around here before I have to leave. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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