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Storm of the Pitties

Sweet Mother of all that is! No more storms please! I cannot imagine what these two dogs would be like in worse. Essie seemed to be able to sleep despite the scared shivering but Stella… she panted and shook and could not fall asleep. Then there was me so desperate for sleep I could barely keep my eyes open. Then the power would go out. And come back on. Neither pup liked that so I was a mass of quivers trying to hold both girls. Eventually we were able to fall asleep (well I was and I’m pretty sure Essie did). The next thing I remember was Chris coming home and turning off the light (during storms I keep the bedroom light on so that the lightening isn’t as prominent and that seems to help).

When we woke up I miss judged the time when the clock had gone out. I thought it was only say 30 minutes off. So I thought I had slept until 9am and felt a little guilty. Then I looked at the clock once I got out here in the living room (we have several battery operated ones throughout the house) and lo! it wasn’t even 8am. Well damn. So here we are. I did get my article for the paper written and submitted though.

I got my response from the Argentinian writer I had been asked to edit for. I read a few pages and was as polite as possible in my response. I pointed out his blatant errors. In his response to me he never ever addressed the issues I pointed out. Merely suggested a title change and a few other things. So I am going to have to figure out a way to get out of it without hurting his feelings. Barring that just get out of it. That is what I need to do once I finish this.

I know my novels miss me. I miss them. Is time away what I needed or am I just procrastinating? I am going to try to work on atleast one of them before work. Just for a page or 30 minutes. Whatever I can squeak out. I also see a multitude of photography opportunities at my bird feeder this morning after the storm. So wish me luck! I am off for another day of adventure! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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