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And What Did I Accomplish?

Another early day. I have mixed feelings about it. I have more time in my day but I also need more sleep. I did too much again but it was worth it. The two big things I got done were mowing the front yard and cleaning out the mouse cage. I got some unexpected things done as well. I sent an email to the writer I am beta reading for apologizing that I have been so lax. She sent me a very nice email back. Just little things here and there that make me feel better about my life.

Essie isn’t eating again. I think it is the medicine. I plan to call the vet after I go to my meeting this morning. I didn’t give her any medicine this morning. I have had several suggestions for other pain relief methods that I will ask our vet about when I call.

The girls and I passed a pleasant day yesterday. I made myself not call either of my parents. I messaged back and forth with my son a little. I had to take a day for me. Mostly. I played with the girls as much as the weather would allow (we had outright downpours several times but thankfully no thunder and lightening). I didn’t work on my novel but I did get something like five pages in my journal. I might try to get some work in before I have to go to my main job at 2pm.

I did get some cool pics. I found out who else has been eating my tomato plants. Caterpillars. Not just any caterpillars either. These are whited lined sphinx caterpillars. I know I looked them up. Lol. When I showed Chris he pointed out that we had the white lined sphinx moth on our ceiling the other night (I looked that one up too… the creature is very distinctive in both it’s forms).

I will wrap this up so I can get out the door for the meeting I need to cover. Thank you for all your support and continuing to read my blog! Be safe!

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