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Skunks and Storms

This is supposed to be short and sweet this morning. I took an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I was all ready to got to bed at a decent time when the storms started rolling through. So I stayed up longer to spend time with Chris since the girls were both shaking and panting in my lap (I apparently wasn’t getting sleep anyway so…). Twice the girls calmed down and twice thunder and lightening started back up. Then if that wasn’t enough fun I threw toys for the girls hoping to get them to go potty when I smelled the tell tale scent. We had spooked a skunk. So I hustled the girls back in before it got too bad. It took about another hour before the scent dissipated. Once it did no one would stay out long enough to go to the bathroom. Frustrated I got ready for bed and finally went to sleep.

Once asleep though my dreams were real. I had a tough time waking myself. You know when nothing odd happens in your dreams? Things go on like they would in “real life”? That was me. I cracked an eye every little while to check the clock and fell right back in the dream where I left off. Things still feel a bit off.

And on that odd note I need to let you go. Work beckons and since I am opening manager and gas I need to get there a little early…. didn’t think about that til just now. Nuts. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Skunks and Storms”

  1. Good Morning. Hope you had a great day. I feel bad when the pups get scared. Since we have moved to the condo we haven’t heard the thunder much and luckily the kitties ignore it. Of course I don’t have the windows opened either but I don’t know if that makes a real difference.

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