Ahhhhh Genetics!

It is official. I still need more sleep. I got up earlier because I need to run to the vet’s before work to get the girls’ meds. They are already paid for so I should be in an out. But that means leaving an hour earlier for work. Normally it would be no big deal but the little sleep I got Tuesday night has caught up with me. Then Saturday and Sunday I am opening manager so that means 7am sooo… say 5am wake up? Give or take. I’m not sure what next week looks like yet. The week after is just as busy. Thankfully I have nothing going the final week of the month.

Essie has come out here with me and stayed. Stella was out for a bit. Essie was in and out of the bedroom maybe twice before she settled on the couch. She had un upset stomach last night. No idea what she did. She’s not one of those dogs that will just go and eat things (that would be Stella). She has eaten breakfast so that is a good sign.

Yesterday was eventful despite my intentions to just chill. I got the backyard mowed, dishes done, laundry done, dogs played with… then there was the more serious side to my day. My son and I have been talking via Facebook Messenger for the past few days. He started asking some of the big hard questions the night before and then the next morning. He wasn’t being mean. He deserved to ask them. He also deserved honest answers. So I did the best I could. We have literally spend hours talking. Then came the big question. Do you want to video chat? I was actually the one who asked. After all he was the one who found me in the first place. So we settled on later that night. I had my meeting to cover (thank you Zoom!) and then he had an appointment. So at 8:30pm last night I met my eldest son face to face (so to speak) for the first time in almost 30 years. It was rather surreal. Neither of us really knew what to do. We talked a lot to our pets (he has three adorable cats and a rather cute Pomeranian ankle biter). I thought it funny that once we started talking about horror the conversation really took off. (We have so many interests in common it is scary!) We have very similar tastes in books and movies. All in all it was a really good talk, almost two hours. It didn’t seem that long.

All in all a well spent day. But truthfully I am tapped out. This week has been a roller coaster. I still need some time to decompress and process all this. Oh and I have a procedure coming up for my back to numb the pain (hopefully). They will call me with a date as soon as it is ok’d with my insurance.

I go several good photos yesterday so I will share them after I wrap this up. Thanks for reading this rather long entry. And as always… stay safe! ❤

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