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Finding Family

First off I want to say that it is good to see so many more new writers on my scroll feed! And you all have such amazing blogs! More time reading all of them before I can get to my writing! lol Second thank you for all the kindness and comments you have shown me. I really appreciate it. When I am having a bad day it helps to read them.

Yesterday started out as uneventful. But all that changed maybe an hour before we closed. (I seem to have big things happen on Sundays lately.) And thankfully not in a bad way. I got a message from my oldest son. I hadn’t seen him since he was around 6 months old. (A long story for another time.) Now he is a grown man. I am still trying to process everything. We had an amazing chat both at work and at home. I am surprised at how much we have in common. So many times I thought “Yep, he’s my son!” Even though I had no hand in raising him.

I have two sons, both grown. When people find out they are usually shocked. I don’t have any kids except my dogs. But I do. Neither boy (well man) left my heart. Over the years I have wondered how they are and what they are doing. I was in touch with my youngest for a while. It is wild to see how much each of them is like me without any direct influence from me.

I am looking forward to spending more time with him (and his wife) to learn more about him. For his part he wants to learn as much as he can about me and my side of the house. My mind is going over so many memories….

I’ll stop here and add a few photos. I hope you like them. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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