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Turning Negative In To Positive

I just lost everything I wrote for today’s blog. It is somewhere in the ether. Grrrr…. this morning is not going well. I’m not a morning person anymore. I really hope that I don’t get crabby. I’m trying to be positive but the harder I try to worse things seem to get. The furnace has been coming on since the early… earlier hours this morning. Even the sun has stayed tucked behind a thick blanket of clouds.

Stella stayed out here in the living room with me. Essie drove everyone crazy for almost half and hour as she went from the bed to the living room and back again. Over and over. I hated to yell at her (as quietly as possible) but it was worse than pacing. She has finally settled in bed with Chris.

Ok…. think positive. I will be out of work by 5pm. We had too many people yesterday so I was out by 3pm or so. Yes I lost some overtime but I’d rather be at home with the kids. Today I get to spend some time with Chris too. I also get to sleep in tomorrow since I am closing manager. Oh wow… I just looked at next weekend. I am working at 7am both days. Oooooh. I am opening manager both days. 😮

I will not hit the delete key…. Keep moving forward. Maybe the best thing is to share some photos from yesterday. I was playing with shadow and light as the sun was setting. Let me know what you think. What I need to do is pull out the photography course that I started on DVD and continue with that. We’ll see what happens as the days roll forward. I’m going to add a few photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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