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Catching Up

I’m sorry if this is a bit disjointed. It is way too early for me. I can barely keep my eyes open. And if my typing is any indication it is gonna be a long day. (I can’t tell you the amount of mistakes I have corrected in these mere five sentences.) The temperature is dropping again. It is starting to feel like Fall. I am not ready for Fall yet. I have not been able to really experience Summer yet!

I got everything I needed done yesterday morning before work. I am very grateful. That is stuff I don’t have to worry about now. One of them was setting my hair appointment. Nothing major. I just need to get my ends trimmed. I don’t understand my need for long hair but oh well. I am get that done the morning of my colonoscopy. Atleast I will feel pretty at one end.

My birthday is almost here again. Next year will be the big 5 Oh. How have I been around for that long? I have done a lot of stuff in that time but still. Hopefully I deal with that better than I did 40. I was happy in my 30s but when I hit 40 it was a bit of a shock. My birthday is on a Monday. I am debating about whether or not to take it off. I think I will tell my boss that I would like a day shift if I do work. I want to end my day at home. Not at work.

Stella is in this wedged semicircle at the end of the couch. She just let out a big sigh. I have to agree. I left the bedroom door open so that the girls will hopefully let Chris sleep after I leave. Hopefully. I told them that the bedroom door was open and I left the curtain down to show that the door was open but both girls are here with me. Essie is stretched out snoozing. I am jealous.

Ok, I need to wrap this up. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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