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Rain in the Sunshine

Here we are. The cicadas are buzzing and humming in the trees. The sun is out and various birds are adding their two cents to the narrative of the day. The girls yawn and stretch hoping that I will be putting the laptop away soon. I’ve gotten the article written and sent in. I think I will do my word count and get that sent in as well. I look around me and….. and what? I am trying not to do another dreary post about my struggles. But last night in bed things hit home. Many things and I could feel the cloak of depression descending.

I am tempted to set this aside for awhile. But I also know that if I do there is a good chance that I won’t come back to it. And if I stop this then I would probably stop writing all together. That would make things worse. So I ask your patience as I try to work through my rough patch.

I did no work on either novel yesterday. I did get more pages in my journal though. Five to be exact. And I spent some time on my other writing site ( I feel guilty with that because someone paid for a full membership for me for a year and I haven’t done anything on the site but a few comments. But I did make the effort yesterday. I also found some helpful articles on the site which I have since printed.

I will stop here and get this posted. I did get some photos that turned out rather well. I hope you like them. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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