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looking inside

This morning dawned wet with rain. I’m ok with that because yesterday was beautiful and sunny. I spent a lot of time outside. This time I can work on things inside. Mostly. If it’s not raining it is still very comfortable out there so I may be more inclined to work on things outside. Oh and here is a touch of sun!

I spent a little while in my swing outside reading. I had my writing things with me though. (I keep telling myself that hauling my writing things does not count for writing. Neither does research when that is all you do.) I made an attempt before bed to write but all I did was stare at the pages. So that is what I am going to do. Thirty minutes a day I will sit with my writing and either write more or stare at the page for that thirty minutes. I can’t keep ignoring it. It is not going to write itself. I also need to write back to my penpal. I have set it aside and done everything but.

Essie’s vet visit went well. She had her blood drawn to make sure the medicine she is on is not hurting any of her internals. So she (like me) is on pain medicine indefinitely. I did find out that her second medicine is for her really bad days (I am glad that I asked since I thought it was going to be what she took everyday once we finished her current bottle). Thankfully she hasn’t needed any.

This morning I kind of feel like I am falling apart. My body feels like it is completely rejecting me. I know that Chris has his problems too so I try to not say anything about mine. I am concerned since it feels like all of it is coming on all at once. I am concerned and not sure what to do. I am not a fan of doctors but things have gotten bad enough that I am going to them.

I look around the room and see my various bits of inspiration that I have. Rocks galore (I am a rock hound although I do need to start learning more about what I find instead of the “ooooo! shiny!” and bring it into the house to collect dust), my books on writing that I cherry picked from my own collection, my candle, my various trinkets…. so I guess I should use them and get to writing. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “looking inside”

    1. I just got myself a book on local rocks and minerals. Now yo just sit down with it🙄 Thanks for the support!❤️ I hope you have a smooth sailing day!


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