Full Moon Shenanigans

Disaster was narrowly diverted this morning. Chris got home late and unloaded groceries for our big dinner tonight (we actually get to spend some quality time together instead of a few minutes here or there so he is going all out for dinneršŸ„°) and forgot to close the garage door. After I closed it this morning a hear a band of wild turkeys roaming right in our yard. I can’t imagine the problems to get those birds out of the garage with the rain and storms going this morning.šŸ˜Æ

Thunder has been rumbling all around us since we got up. The rain has been sprinkles but steady. The girls have been fed and gone out to go to the bathroom. The thunder has gotten louder every little while (like just now) so Essie has come out here with me. Stella is in bed with Chris. I am glad the things were relatively quiet so I could get both dogs out to go to the bathroom. Essie is not a happy girl right now. I wonder if Stella has gone into the master bathroom again.

I am finding this morning very nice. The storm is gently rumbling around us and the temperature is wonderfully warm. I am sorry that the girls can’t sleep through the storms. And why you ask are we even up this early? Work. I am working 9am til 6pm. I did enjoy this early morning quiet time and I do miss it. I just can’t get enough sleep if I keep my current work schedule. I miss the extra hours of writing and quiet.

My back is flaring up again. I doubled up my muscle relaxer last night. I hope that my body has not acclimated to the medicine so that it doesn’t work. That is what usually happens. On the plus side I have an appointment at the pain clinic next month so hopefully I can figure something long term that makes the medicine a supplement instead of the primary defense against the pain.

I did get some interesting shots of the moon last night. She was very low in the sky and between the trees and clouds very hard to capture a decent shot. The almost blood red shots feel the most accurate. The moon has been pink and red in the night sky leading up to this full moon. And it has been one of the most disruptive full moons as well. Yesterday at work was chaotic. I don’t think today will be much better.

I should wrap this up. Poor Essie needs some reassurance with the storm. And I want to thank everyone for their support. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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