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A Quiet Sunny Morning…. Mostly

Despite the sun we are all a bit sleepy. Well maybe not…. Stella is sitting beside me giving me the eye. She has been yawning but she keeps easing closer to me to get love and give kisses. Essie is still snoozing in front of the bedroom door. The morning is quiet. The birds and bugs are doing their thing. Unfortunately it sounds like a neighbor has lost power. I hear a rather large generator going next door. Which kind of crushes the groove of relaxing in the natural quiet.

The coffee tastes good this morning. It makes things feel warm and homey. I am mentally trying to gear myself up to write once I am done with this. Not go out into the garden and weed. Not play with the dogs (atleast not too much). Not fiddle around the house picking up this or that. I need to get back into the writing groove. Back into the habit.

Tonight I am the closing manager at work. I don’t go in until 1pm today. I close tomorrow too but I have to be there at noon. Which is atleast a 10 hour day. We’ll see how late I can stay up. I shouldn’t but I want to write in the morning and again at night to see which works better for me. At first blush I would say morning because I won’t be tired from work mentally. But I might have better luck at night because the creative juices might be going from something that happened that day. And I might end up rotating through both times of day.

My bracelet arrived yesterday from adopting a shark. His name is Babu and he is a Great Hammerhead shark. I get to track him as well. I was very excited! I have also adopted a wolf, a bee and an elephant over the years. Quite the menagerie! Lol

I need to wrap this up and get writing on my novel. I think I will try to tackle a character today. See who they are and what makes them tick. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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