A Bit Brighter

The dogs are anxious for me to put the laptop away this morning. I have been at it for awhile. I finished my article and got that sent in, cleaned out my email (three days worth 😨), read some of your blogs and now I am writing this. The sun is out and the temperature is on the fast track up. I think it will be a two AC unit day for the girls instead of just the one in the bedroom.

Yesterday morning we had several visitors. It seems that our tadpoles have grown up! I found several tiny frogs (smaller than my pinky nail)… all over. One was on the sliding glass door (I took him down after I took the photos because he was just tiny enough to fit the small space between the windows when I opened the door but I was worried that there would be smushing going on. The last I saw he was in my plants. I found another on the counter by the sink. He was too fast to catch so he is somewhere in the house. 😲

I got good sleep (finally) last night so I feel pretty good despite any pain. I kinda wish I had the day off but that is tomorrow. I over did things on Monday. Stress will do that to me. I did dishes, laundry and I even mowed the yards. Both front and back. The nice things are I don’t have to mow on Thursday and it rained yesterday so the fresh cut grass did not dry out. So I will take it.

I do need to wrap this up so I can take care of a few things before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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