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The Inside of My Eye Lids

Not sure how coherent this will be. I can barely keep my eyes open. Too much happened yesterday. I am falling asleep as I write this. Not that you aren’t good company, you are. I am just that tired. I have a little more than an hour before I leave for my next meeting. I missed last night’s because I was too stressed over Essie. She is now on medication similar to mine. She has arthritis in her back and hips.

To add to it all I thought it would be a good idea to mow the yard last night. It was supposed to rain last night (it did not) as well as Thursday (we’ll see). It’s pretty dark out there right now (I just got a rain notification on my phone). Oh damn. I think that was thunder….

I got done with mowing well after dark (I wish the mower had a headlight) so I hope it all looks decent. I did the front yard first while there was still light so it’s just the back that might be off. There are new flowers blooming in the yard. I got a ton of photos yesterday so I will share as many as I can over the next few days.

The light this morning is reversing itself. Instead of getting lighter it is getting darker. I wouldn’t be able to see my keyboard if it wasn’t backlit right now. I’m going to try to add some photos and then take another hour to nap before I need to go. Sorry this is all over the place. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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