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Rolling with the Punches

Well it must be a work day. The sun is out. Sigh… Oh well. The plants will be happy. Normally I write my article before I write this but I can’t seem to wake up. Yesterday tapped me out. I don’t think the girls are too happy with me either. I didn’t spend much time at the house yesterday. I left a little after 1pm, came back a little after 4pm only to leave again around 6pm and get back around 9pm. Then I was awake until 2am.

I did get everything done that needed to be done. Including getting a floating appointment for Essie on Monday. I asked for pain meds for her. I am also contemplating x-rays. So the vet tech is going to our doctor and let me know what is what. Part of my problem is that everyone was chatty with me and I of course returned in kind. I was actually able to go into the vet’s office so I was catching up with the ladies there.

Lunch was the high point of the day. It was so good to see my friend! Our last lunch was the end of April. We decided to get together once a month. Well this was our second outing together. We both needed this little respite. We have been dealing with similar type problems. So it was nice to be able to complain and cry to someone that knew what it was all about. She and I both teared up several times during our talk. The food was AMAZING! I had another Moose burger (yes I was teary). This time I had the Firecracker. And it was goooooood! Fresh cut jalapeños with hot pepper jack cheese and a lovely spicy sauce….. sigh. My mouth is watering again! I also had a cappuccino while we chatted then a spiced chai latte when we left. Both were delicious! We sat at or usual table because it was one of those tall ones as neither of us could sit very well nor for very long. As it turned out she was equally stressed and tired from her medical travails. She had just had her 5th and final radiation session that morning.

I see by the clock that I need to get this done so I can get that article written. I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for all the support! As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “Rolling with the Punches”

  1. Prayers for your friend and furry family member. I hope all is well with both. That lunch you had sounds yummy and your photos are so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend resting and relaxing.

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