A Rainy (Lazy?) Day

Today will be a slow inside day whether I want it to be or not. After several days of heat and humidity (which I admittedly enjoyed) it is now cool and rainy. I have not idea why I am up this early on my day off. I didn’t do to bed until 2 or 3am. But at 8am I was wide awake. No help from Essie either.

The neighbor across the street has Stanley Steamer doing their carpets. I couldn’t figure out what the industrial noise was. I thought maybe our AC that is in the bedroom was having issues. Then I glanced out the front window. I wish they would hurry up and go. The noise is both annoying and distracting. Ooooo…. it just all but quit.

I am not sure what all I plan to do for the day. I have so much I want to do. (And silence once again reigned down upon the land….. all the annoying sounds have stopped. Nothing but birds and rain.) I want to write, read, accomplish. And so much that I want to not do. I just want to relax. I may or may not pull out the camera. I got a lot of cool shots (many very amateur I know but I still proud of them) yesterday. I did a serious use of my sports mode on the Nikon. That’s the one that will do the rapid shots when you hold the button down. I had no less than three Monarch butterflies in the garden yesterday. Another brand new one arrived. She was shy at first but once she got used to me and the camera she became quiet the show off. She even would fly around me a bit before going back to playing in the flowers.

This morning I saw a new bunny out the backdoor. It reminded me of one that hung around here quite a few years ago. It has the same streak of white on it’s head. I did get a picture of that little one that I can share. Very cute (as long as he or she doesn’t eat my plants).

I have two areas of direct concern. I found a full blister with red streaks on the surrounding skin after I got home from work last night. No idea what that is from. I know it wasn’t there when I left for work. The second is my dear friend and I are having lunch again tomorrow. I fear that she is going to tell me her cancer is back. But I will share more about that Friday morning. Before I blather on too much I will sign off and add some photos. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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