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Now What…???

What a mess… Chris and I both hurt (different reasons, he worked on redoing the stairs in the garage for two days and my broken tailbone), the girls were freaking out over the storms that came through and then Essie gets restless and wants me to get up around daybreak. Essie kept getting up and down once the sun came up and wanted me up too. My alarm was set for 8am since I said I would come in an hour earlier to work. I got her to lay back down a few times but mostly she was up and down off the bed (which worried me because she can’t get up on the bed very well anymore). My alarm went off at 8am and we got up. She won’t go outside. She won’t eat. No frisbee. After Stella got up Essie snuck back in bed and I had to chase her out of the bedroom. Despite what it seemed she would’ve been up and down in bed with Chris and he wouldn’t have gotten any sleep either. I don’t know what is wrong with Essie. I have ideas but that requires a visit to the vet.

I did get a lot of photos taken yesterday. A new Monarch butterfly stopped by and was nice enough to let me take some pictures. She was a fairly new butterfly. Her wings had just dried. Then there were the storm clouds…. A storm literally circled us. The thunder started in the east. Over the next half hour I watched and heard the storm move north, then to the west, south and back to the east where it seemed to settle. It was very disconcerting. Today we have nothing but sun. So we’ll see how busy we get at work.

I have tomorrow off. My hopes are to try to relax and prioritize what I need to do. Both for me and for others. So for right now I will see what photos to add (and how much space I have left on here) and get this posted. I hope you all have a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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