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Fun In the Sun

Well we are having more internet issues. Blue sky, sunshine and birds singing. What could possibly be wrong for the internet?! Sigh. I will type this out on my phone and hopefully it will get published. No internet also means I cannot read any of your posts. And from what I was able to glimpse via my email there are some really good posts today!

I got minor writing done but major landscaping. Chris headed out to the range and did some running around (brave man! The height of tourist season weekend and he braved Traverse! I guess the range was packed as well so sadly he didn’t get to shoot.). While he was gone I got the front yard and backyard mowed. Then I got the weed whacker out and did as much as I could. Which was a lot but not all. I am pleased with what I accomplished.

When Chris got back it turns out that he got me a hammock swing!❤️ Of course I had to try it out! The girls thought it was a game and we were having a grand time. Until the swing came off the branch and I landed on my butt. It was funny and I laughed. Until I discovered I had managed to land on my tailbone. I’m not sure if it is broken or merely fractured but it is seriously impeding my mobility. And stability for that matter. Sitting requires an effort especially since I try to have good posture when I sit. I have to angle forward so I’m not on my tailbone.

Good times! On that note I will wrap this up. Not sure when it will post. Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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