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Dreams, Stories from the Mind

I don’t have good dreams and bad dreams. I have good dreams and dreams that tell me stories. What other people consider bad dreams I enjoy because not much really scares me. Not like things in my dreams can. So I ( because I love horror) look at those dreams as a good story to tell. If it scares me can it scare others? And it was a dream that even if I went back to sleep I went right back into the dream where I left off. That tells me it is a good dream and I am meant to remember it. So as soon as I got up and got the door open I went and got paper and pen and filled both front and back with bullet points about the dream. I think I will try to turn it into a short story. It has been a long time since I made a serious effort to do a short story. I could turn it into a novel but that will be for a different day. Today it will become a short story.

Other plans for the day include getting groceries, gas for the mower and then mowing the lawn (front and back). Tomorrow sometime I will make the cupcakes for Essie’s birthday. The extras I will take to work. I have already told everyone who might be interested. So I have decided that I think I will make an extra batch for work. We’ll see. My clever plan was to only make 11 cupcakes (one being a heart for Essie) and then the rest will have white frosting with purple 11s on the top. But the excitement for them at work makes me think that I might need more than the seven I would have left over. Sooooo….

Since I got up late (Essie let me sleep til after 9:30am) I need to get my day started. I also need to go apologize to my husband. He got up not long after I started writing this and was trying to talk to me while I was writing and I got a bit snappish (I don’t mulitask well when I first get up with limited coffee). I hope everyone has a good day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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