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Creativity Abounds

Another late day for me. I seem to have almost completely reverted back to my night owl ways. Then I do these early morning appointments and it really throws me off. Why do I still do them? because then I will still have the rest of the day to myself. I find that as I get older I get impatient for something like that to just be over with. If I do it later in the day it also seems to take longer than it was supposed to. Monday’s appointment is case in point. I ended up having to get x-rays and such so I didn’t leave there until after 10am. If I had a later appointment I would’ve been bemoaning the loss of most of my day.

I may have landed another freelance job last night. I was asked a question about some of our deli food by a customer. It turns out she was the owner of a local (mind you it is read all the way over in Wisconsin and is published form the Upper Peninsula) newspaper. I got a free copy and we had a good chat about what they look for in a story. So. 😁 I don’t know any details (I was alone in the deli with my trainee and I had several people waiting for meat to be sliced when I had finished talking with her…my trainee was a minor so he couldn’t use the slicer) so i don’t know anything past what they look for in a story. Oh and they are bi-monthly.

I am also stepping forward with my photography. I am going to make a serious effort on my web site as well as trying to promote it. (Purchase digital downloads and prints by Jennifer Griffin<BR><BR> So after I finish this I am going to my site and see what I can to with it. Hopefully I will have time to upload a few photos. That always takes so long to do because I have to go and add search words (atleast five for each photo) as well as name the photo and give a description. When I try to upload a big chunk of photos that takes a mighty long time to do.

Well if I am going to get all this done before work I need to get moving. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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