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Trying to Take Care

Dad and I had a good long talk (a little over three hours). I also got to share some cool outside things with him while we chatted. I walked into the gardens and he was able to watch a Monarch butterfly hangout and feed on the milkweed. He had never seen milkweed with the buds or flowering before. So I was pretty proud we could share that moment.

I didn’t do much else yesterday. I spent some quality time in the sun recharging my batteries. I did read on of my research books while I was out there so I didn’t completely slack off. I also got some really cool photos. I was able to get some shots of a morning visitor on the porch before Essie went out. I am very pleased about that one!

Oh, so doctor update. My doctor and I had a good talk (I forgot some of my questions again) and she answered what questions I did remember. We addressed my bruised heel for one. After my appointment with her I went to x-ray and they did two or three views. It sucked because I was laying on a hard surface and my back hated it. Then I had to twist my leg a certain way for a view and that hurt like nobody’s business. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t for that long (not even five minutes) but it stayed with me the rest of the day. It turns out that I have a good sized bone spur and a bruised Achille’s tendon. Go me! So I am being referred to a podiatrist. (Not sure of the spelling… a foot doctor.)

This is going to be expensive to do all this. But I am trying to do the right thing by me and go to the doctor with my problems (some long term) to see if they can be addressed and (hopefully) fixed. I hope that I am doing the right thing.

Well I guess I should wrap this up. I got my latest issue of Writer’s Digest and I think I will read that a little before work. I also need to send in my word count to the paper. I keep forgetting. I hope you all have a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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