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Fuzzy Focus

It’s early. Way too early for how late I went to bed. But my body and mind are used to staying up after I get home from work, not going right to bed. And it has been busy don our road too. Busier than normal.

My doctor’s appointment is at 9am. I want to go but I also really want to stay home and get some sleep. I made a physical list of things I want to talk to her about this time. I know that I will forget things when I am tired and just want to get things over with.

I want to keep going with my novel today. Even if it is just to take some more notes about the plot or various characters. I ought to start going through the recent batch of research books too. I am hoping that the girls will let me do my thing when I get home from the doctor. That is also assuming that I don’t just curl up on the couch and sleep.

I was reading over the notes I took about the book I am reviewing for a friend. I think I will just write it as it is. So that is some thing I can do and then it will be off my plate. One less thing to beat myself up about. I think I will also make a master list (if you will) of what I need to be doing. Not just things like bills but also working on my novel, research, writing for various people etc.

I’m sorry this is so short. I am fighting to keep my eyes open. That means I need a way to wake up so I can drive to my appointment. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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