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Planting Little Seeds

I am finding my night self coming back. I feel bad for the girls because I have been mostly days for years now. but since I stepped up to manager I have been running on nights and staying up later and later. Which means that I really don’t want to be up at 8am. Our compromise is that I can (usually) sleep until 9am or so.

It is overcast with the promise of rain. Maybe even some storms rolling through. I enjoy the prospect even though the girls are going to be freaked out. I think that is what got a customer and I talking yesterday. Then I said that I had lost Moose in January. It turned out that he had lost his girl (he never gave her name) after 14 years the day before. We talked about the hard decision of letting a beloved furry family member go. Especially when the day before they are going to be let go they are like their old selves and playing like puppies. I guess they took her out on the boat and everything so her last day was a blast. After I finished ringing him up I came around the counter and gave him a big hug. He said thank you for listening. He was a little embarrassed because he was tearing up but I was too so….

With the weather being what it is I think today would be a perfect day to plant some seeds. I have some pumpkin seeds among other stuff to go in the ground. if I find an extra pot the pepper seeds might go in there so the ants don’t eat the plants. I figure with all the rain on the way the next few days I should be good. And this is way early for me to put pumpkin seeds in (the last time it was way late in the season but they did very well until the snow hit so I am excited to see what will happen!).

I also decided to work some on my novel. I got my letters to my penpals written and mailed the other day. I do have other writing projects that I need to do but I told myself that I would give quality time to my novel today. Some other things I need to do are figure out what to what to do for Essie’s birthday (she turns 11 years old on the 3rd) and find a good place for my multitude of rocks. It’s bad enough that I walk through our yard with my head down “looking for toys” and spot some awesome rocks but folks at work bring me rocks as well because they know I love them.

Oh a short update. I finally called the pain clinic about getting an appointment. They have nothing until the first week of August. I am on a list to call if someone cancels but… the gal was very nice at any rate. So August will be a full month for me. I get a colonoscopy three days before my birthday and pain clinic a few weeks before that.

Ok, I need to wrap this up and get the seeds is before this rain starts. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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