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Rolling In and Out Like a Wave

The morning has dawned comfortable and overcast. It looks like we might get rain (which we need). Hopefully no thunderstorms until I can be home with the girls. But truly the weather now is almost perfect. As much as I love the sun I am grateful for this. The girls aren’t too hot and it is good sleeping weather. Which would explain me sleeping in. Lol.

This might get cut short. I’m not sure. I slept in because I was up late. I couldn’t sleep. The girls have been fed and I have read as many of your blogs as I could. I’m sorry I could not comment on them as I am pressed for time this morning.

I managed to get some very cool shots of the moon last night. I will try again tonight. As much as I love the clear nights to see the moon I have to say that cloudy nights are actually better for photography. The cool contrast of the clouds as they cross in front of the moon is one of my favorite things to photograph!

I did get some writing done. Not on what I wanted (or needed) but it was some writing. I need to figure out what I am going to do. Both my writing and my time with the family are suffering. I am working so many hours (and it is our busy season… in contrast with Younker’s where this could’ve been our slow season so we would all take our vacations now) I don’t really want to do anything when I get home. I am just too tired. I guess we’ll see.

I got some more dirt (this time from the dollar store because they seem to have decent dirt) and again with the chunks of stuff. It doesn’t smell like dirt should. I am very frustrated. I used it because I needed to get things repotted and planted but… I guess I will just go to Gilroy’s in Torch Lake from now on to get my Miracle Grow dirt from now on. It is more expensive but I know that my plants will do well. I did think to get some food sticks to put in the plants once they have settled in their new containers.

Ok, I’m going to wrap this up so I can play a little with the girls before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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