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Planting and Waiting

Despite another cold night I think that the plants are ok. I wasn’t able to bring them in due to my back. But I am happy to say that everyone seems ok. The sun is warming everything up. I got a lot of planting, potting and repotting done yesterday afternoon. I will need to water this morning though. Mother Nature watered for me in the form of a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. This also included quite a bit of hail. The ice bits were small and don’t seem to have done much damage. I am grateful.

I gave some of the potted plants to one of my coworkers. Since I took the last two flats of plants the day before (they were free) and it sounded like they were looking at them as well. It was the same two plants, a type of cilantro and sylvian. I had never heard of sylvian as an herb before. But there was a lot of each. Some are in pots and the rest in the ground. The fire ants were not happy that I not only cleaned up a spot but had the audacity to actually dig holes in my rock garden. Thus I came out of that planting session with a few bites.

I managed to get one letter finished to my British pen pal and I started my letter to my Maryland pen pal. I didn’t get much else down. I had a meeting last night as well. It was my first in person meeting since the pandemic hit. I felt bad because my back was not happy after the first 45 minutes of the meeting, I kept stretching to try to get it to relax but the chairs there don’t agree with my back. But I will make due. That is why I try to sit at the back. That way if I do have issues I can be discreet about it.

Sadly my novel is getting dusty. I haven’t done anything with it in a long time. I find myself doing everything but. The girls are getting more demanding. I understand. I put in a lot of hours last week so we didn’t play near as much as normal. When I was home I was beat. I am hoping to do more with them this week. But then what about my novel? It is hard to find a balance. Then there are all the research books I have that I want to read. I have them sitting in a pile near me.

I need to wrap this up. My leg is starting to hurt from something being pinched. I hope you all have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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