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Happiness Is….

I finally got to read some of your excellent blogs! Yay! It sounds like someone hit a transformer or something because when I got to work everyone was asking if I had power at home. So losing the internet was the best thing. The girls don’t like it when the power goes out. Essie gets spooked every time the ceiling fan goes off. She starts shaking and we don’t know why.

When I got home yesterday it was to a bunch of goodies. MY BUNNY IS FINALLY HERE!!! He is sooo cute! I named him Harold. Harry for short. No idea why. The name just fits him. I also got a cool bag with a Griffin and a Jabberwocky on it. My books from Amazon arrived (about Michigan rocks and being able to look at things around you on walks and tell things…. like what direction you are headed, looking at the clouds and telling the weather… that sort of thing; I am observant and that kind of thing interests me). AND I also got my cool voodoo doll from Dame of the Dead. But there was a surprise that I got today that made me cry. It happened at work. We have a gal from Georgia (she has the best accent) and she is not only a federal agent but she also rehabs military dogs back form the war and finds them homes. Now this might not sound like much to you but do you know what happens to those dogs? When those dogs come home from serving their country and protecting us…. they get euthanized. I did not know this. It broke my heart when I found out. She and I talk every time she comes in (and she usually has Atlas with her… he is her rehabilitated dog). We have gotten very close over her work. She spent 20 years in the Army before she came home to start this non profit. (Look up “Project K9 Hero” on the internet if you would like more information or would like to support this project.) Well she stopped in yesterday to get some stuff and brought Atlas with. Naturally we chatted. At one point I got to hold on to Atlas while she went back to the car for something (and this is a big deal… to be trusted by both the handler as well as the dog to be asked to hold on to him while she went to the car). When she got back she ended up with a crowd of us all talking. Then she did it. She looked at me and said, “I have something I wanted to give you.” With that she took the bracelet off of her wrist and put it on mine. It is a beautiful piece that she had made for her non profit (she has worn it for a while which makes it all that more special). It is a human hand holding a dog paw. “Hand to Paw” is what she called it. I believe this is another rescue that she is involved with as well. I felt like I was getting some kind of award. Everyone was standing around watching. I’m not gonna lie. It did bring tears to my eyes.

I had to bring all my outside plants in and cover up the memorial garden. Yes it got cold enough that there was a possibility of frost. I had to protect the new plants coming up. I now have three types of beans! So once this is posted I need to uncover the memorial garden and haul all the plants back outside.

Stella has been laying in my lap the whole time I have been writing this. My left leg is falling asleep. Lol. I’m not sure why she is being such a cuddle bug. Usually she will be on the couch or outside. Essie is upset and pouting at the bedroom door. Bless her. I need to get today rolling so thanks for reading and stay safe!

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