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A Wet and Blustery Day

Well my friends we have no internet right now so this post will be extremely late as it will be posted from wi-fi at work. I have reset the system several times with no luck. We had heavy rain this morning and that seems to have done the trick. I will write this on my phone then (hopefully) remember to post it once I get to work.

Some good news though! My horror bunny should be arriving (again) today. I am very hopeful! It has been almost two months now. I ordered back in the beginning of May. I really hope mail gets here before I leave for work. Especially since it is wet outside. If it is one of the fill in mail carriers they will just leave it… even if it is raining. So I may need to devise a place for things to go. I have a good idea though.

In mixed news I got a letter from my American penpal. Sadly by the time the sorting machine was done with my letter to her it was too mangled to read. So I will try to answer the first letter again along with the second letter. I have tomorrow off so that is one of my goals is to answer both my penpals and get their letters out into the mail.

I have a visible knot on the top of my foot now. One of my big tomato plants got blown over (the wind has picked up considerably) to I went down the steps to grab it and put it on the porch with all the other plants. When I turned and went to pick my foot up to put on the step it caught on the step and I started to fall. My hands were full so no help from them. Somehow I caught myself but I racked the top of my foot a good one. Sigh…

Yesterday was so close to a 12 hour day that I am calling it that. But I did have a really good time with Chris and the kids after work.

I’m gonna wrap this up for now. I’ll add some more photos from the other day. Oh! Hang on and I will check my bird book… well as close as I can come is the cardinal. Maybe very young or the crest on the head just wasn’t up? Anyway I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!❤️

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