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What I Do

When people find out that I blog the next question is always “What do you blog about?” And I am always embarrassed to answer that question. It is primarily about me. And that sounds so selfish and egotistical. So instead I say that it is about a lot of things: motorcycles, books, movies, dogs, writing… stuff that I talk about. And photography. My photos seem to be the big thing that everyone likes. That being said I do have some new and wonderful photos to share from yesterday.

Yesterday was…. I’m not sure how to classify it. I spent some awesome quality time with Chris and the girls. I also got both my vehicles cleaned. The boys cleaned up pretty well. My Subie really needed a bath after the mud and cloud of mayflies we drove through the other night. So I did a bucket of warm soapy water then a rinse. And that is all I did. No work on my writing. Nothing on either the book review nor on the beta book (those were my two main goals for yesterday). So I feel accomplished yet angry with myself because of that. That is why I am not sure how to classify yesterday. On one hand it was one of the best days in a long time. On the other I completely dropped the ball on what I was supposed to do.

Once again I said I would go in early for another coworker. So I will have the double disappointment of going in before I thought (I misread my schedule and thought I had to be there at 1pm not 11am) as well as adding an extra hour onto that. So at the very least I will have an 11 hour day today. I am not looking forward to that.

I just had a female bird come and sit just outside the doorway. Then the male swooped by to go to the smaller pond. They had the cardinal coloring but the male doesn’t have the head crest. I will share the photos I got (so handed to have the camera right there!). I am running a tad late so I don’t have time to look it up in my bird book. If I remember I will share what I find tomorrow.

I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “What I Do”

  1. My son ask me, “Why do you blog? Do you get money out of it?” My reply, “No, but I get more valuable than money, me and my sanity.” Blogging has been an outlet for go through that we can’t just normally share at work, even family and friends. It’s personal. It’s a place we can be ourselves and people accept and relate for who we are. Thanks for sharing truth and realness.

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