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Time to Relax

There is an annoying little squirrel chittering away in the maple trees beside the back of the house. We have that one and then the chipmunk that chitters when he gets spooked and runs through the yard. The squirrel is loud enough that I have trouble hearing the birds. I don’t mind sharing but don’t mess with the groove we have going. Loud chittering can be done in another tree in the yard (we have plenty). NOT the trees right by the open door.

An day off. I’m not sure what to do with myself. There is so much that needs to be done. I need to finish that beta book review and review my friends book. I keep putting both off claiming mental fatigue. The thing is I said I would do this for both of them and I am not. No stipulations were given. So those two need to get done today. I am halfway through the novel so if that takes me say two days I will be ok with that. But those two things really need to get done.

I keep getting reminders of Moose both here and at work. It is very hard not to cry. If I am at home I will cry. But at work I still need to keep it together. I miss my boy very very much.

I need to make notes of whom to call Monday. I have to call the nurse and tell her that I never received a call from the pain clinic for my back. I have the number of another doctor that a coworker uses for her back issues (they are similar to mine) and she loves him. So I may ask for a referral. We’ll wait to see what the pain clinic does (if anything). I am not enamored of driving to Traverse this time of year. Alllllll kinds of tourists have begun to swarm up here from all over. I don’t mind sharing but it is ugly up here with everyone venturing out for the first vacations since COVID hit. We have more people in our little town than ever before. My problem is that they come up here and feel entitled to all this. I’m sorry but you aren’t. Then there is the mess that they make and leave. This is our home. You need to respect it and us. You don’t go to someone else’s house and just throw things all over and leave do you? No. So don’t do it here. I want a card that has all that printed on it so I can hand it out.

The girls are sleepy this morning. We are overcast and supposed to get some much needed rain. I want to wash my car so that will help. Lol. With the mayfly hatch the other day the front of my car is just covered. Then there is all the mud. He’s tan so you don’t see anything until you get up close. Then you see how dirty it is. The outside plants need to be watered as well. I’d better get going. Projects await! Have a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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