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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

I forgot to share a bit of happiness the other day. Remember way back in February when I decided to do the penpal thing? I got two penpals, one in the States and one in England. I wrote to both but I only got a response from the on in the States. I figured she had changed her mind or my letter made her think she didn’t want me for a penpal. WELL! I got a letter from her! 😲❤ I got an oversized envelope with some tourist maps and such as well as a since little card filled with writing front and back. (I find it interesting that both my penpals use blank cards whereas I use plain lined paper.) She seems to be a very nice person. She is a teacher and had been extremely busy with all the online learning/teaching for the past few months. The pamphlets she sent are of the area her Mom lives (massive gardening area) and where she lives. Both places look beautiful! I am so excited! I remember having penpals as a kid. I loved it! And when I was moving around in my 20s my parents and I would send this long missives to each other every week. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

I really would like to stay home today and just try to relax. I slept pretty hard last night. I was just going to try the new medication but I was beginning to hurt too much. We we soooo busy yesterday! If I wasn’t ringing on a register then I was helping out in the deli. The deli has been short staffed for several nights now and they have even busier than the checkouts most days with everything that needs to be done. So I go back when I can to help when I am manager. Tonight I am just a cashier. A mixed bag tonight.

Since I am stuck on my novel I have gone through my library and picked out a book on creativity hoping that I will loosen the grip of the mental block I have. I also discovered that I love my library! I spent a bit just looking through all the various books I have and I would get them all again. It’s like walking into a place that has all your favorite books. And I can reach back into each time when I got those various titles and be right there all over again. I love my books!❤

Stella is asleep on the couch and Essie is in and out. I heard some rustling earlier and I look out to see the girls chasing each other through the yard while playing hide and seek. Silly pups! I’m so proud of how they have adapted!

I should get going. I will need a little time to upload the photos and it will depend on how much space I have. I might need to go back and thin out the photos from posts past! I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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