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Riding the Slide

They always say that the third day is the worst. And this time it is. I can barely walk but I need to do my running today. Just two places but I don’t really want to go anywhere. I was asked to work tonight but I said I couldn’t. Some good news though. I have an MRI scheduled at 8am Monday morning. Hopefully this means that I will find something out soon. My inner cranky person says, “Watch, it will be just like the other tests and come back with nothing wrong!” Sigh…

I did get some seeds planted yesterday. I need to water the inside plants today. Mother Nature took care of the outside plants last night. Thankfully the storm was early evening so I was able to be awake with the girls. They actually took things better than normal. At one point Essie was asleep.

I got some really good photos yesterday…. YAY! I just glanced over at my orchid and the third bloom has opened!!!!! ❤❤❤❤ I will share a photo. I was going to try to get up to see part of the eclipse this morning but in the end it was just too much. I wanted to take picture but I needed a special filter so it didn’t mess up my camera. I found some ways to make homemade filters but it just didn’t work out so I turned off my alarm and stayed in bed.

Something strange… my laptop has informed me that I have an Amazon package arriving today. I have ordered nothing. But my bunny that I ordered several months ago should be arriving Saturday! I am sooo excited for this crazy bunny! I’ll share photos when I get it as well.

I don’t know what to do today once I get home. It is weird having two days in a row off. I am used to having to cram everything into one day. I still have housework that needs to be done. Maybe that will be today’s goal. I need to spend time on my novel. Crap. I still need to finish the novel I am beta reading. I feel like such a bad person right now over that. So much has been going on but how many times could I have made an effort and just forgot about it. Note to self: don’t volunteer for that again!

Well I need to wrap this up and get my running done. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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