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I am excited to say that we have had our first hummingbird this morning! She was checking out all the new flowers I put in yesterday.😍 I am really tickled. It makes me feel good that wildlife want to come and hang out with us. I managed to get the birdfeeder filled up too. It looks like the birds aren’t as dependent on it for food right now and that’s ok. They know it is there and has food if they need it.

Today is the day of reckoning… I go to the doctor in another hour and a half. In that time I need to do this and to get my article for last night’s meeting written. It should be pretty easy. I went to bed not long after the meeting ended because I was so tired. Not much sleep the night before. I got sleep last night but Stella kept hearing things and barking. Usually every hour or so. Two hours if I was lucky. Once Chris came to bed I cracked an eye at 5am to check the clock and every half hour or so I would wake to check the clock.

I will hopefully have good news to share tomorrow morning (besides the fact that I actually get to sleep in). Not being able to function is not working for me.

All the flowers have perked up after all the transplanting yesterday. The pansies were the ones that seemed to take things the hardest. I still have more mums and two more pansies to find homes for. I let work know about the crappy dirt they were selling. I bought two bags and neither smelled like they should. They smelled off. Then I kept finding trash in the dirt as I scooped it out. Chunks of used plastic, strips of rubber… that kind of thing. I mixed up several batches of Miracle Grow to try to compensate for whatever was in the dirt. Everyone seems ok. I just hope the dirt won’t cause further problems. Like putting stuff into our soil.

I need to get that article written before I head out so I’m gonna wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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      1. I had to do pt in order for my insurance to cover (we hope) the MRI. It is all so backwards! Hopefully the damage done is fixable!


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