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Finding the Sun In the Clouds

The back has taken a severe turn for the worst. They sent me home from work about two hours early yesterday because of it. It has gotten progressively worse. I can’t stay in any position for very long. I did a lot of pacing both inside and outside. Right now the pain in barely manageable. My doctor appointment is Friday. What a fun week this will be! I am hoping not to have to end up in ER. But I worry on that account as my legs will go numb every once in a while now.

I have today off and it feels very weird. I am used to doing this and then having to get myself together for work. I di have an article that I need to write for an online publication when I finish this. I really regret saying yes to this one. Not that it is a bad topic or anything. I just hurt so much that I don’t think I am going to do it very well. And right now I really don’t want to do anything. But I said I would so I need to follow through. I have an in person meeting on Thursday in Elk Rapids. I am concerned about attending that one. I don’t know if I can sit for that long with my back. I will wait and see. BUT an added bonus is that I did get a raise! I am up to !6 cents a word now! Whoot whoot! I was very pleased at finding that out. ❤

Some other good news is that all my plants seem to be doing very well despite the very cold nights. I did catch a bunny in on one garden. I need to see what damage was done. I may have to take drastic measures this year. I never had problems with them in my gardens until we got the fence up. I’m not sure why. I also got a visit from a Monarch butterfly the day before yesterday! She was going to all the milkweed that has come up and doing her thing. That brought a big smile to my face! AND my orchid has started to bloom!!!! It is sooo beautiful!

The sun is out and shining and the girls are in and out. I am hoping to spend some time outside today. I just hope my back will let me. It will be hard to not do anything in the gardens. I might pull a few weeds… 😁 I did not stop and get anything after work yesterday. I just came straight home. I still need another hose, spray nozzle for said hose, dirt, seeds and plants. Next weekend is our plant sale at work. I am hoping to sweet talk the store manager to setting some stuff aside for me. Dirt for sure…. I can do the seeds at the dollar store down the road. But the plants and dirt I want to get at work. The thing is it will be crazy because it sounds like a lot of places are out of plants and won’t be getting anymore around here. Soooo I will have to be extra good so they will let me have first dibs.

I need to wrap this up. I will share a few photos as well. I hope all of you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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