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There is only enough for one cup of coffee so I am saving it for Chris. I made myself a cup of Scottish tea this morning. Sadly I now have an upset stomach. I am not sure what the prerequisite is for tea to upset my stomach. Sometimes it does and other times is does not.

Essie is sitting outside staring at me through the door way. She has been bugging me to put the laptop away and give her my undivided attention. Stella has been the opposite. Ahhh, now Essie is laying in some sun. Stella has done the same but she is in the kitchen by the window. We had a huge storm last night. Essie was ok for the most part but we had some big thunder roll through and that got her shaking. Stella was freaked the whole time. My Weather Channel app sent me a message that there would be “light rain off and on over the next few hours.” I happened to be outside taking pictures of the moon to the southeast. From the northwest there was a multitude of lightening strikes and reoccurring thunder. Yeah Weather Channel…. you might want to work on your accuracy.

The flowers are blooming like crazy around here. A whole batch of iris have opened up overnight. When the wind blows through the house is smells like honey suckle and lilacs. Yay Spring! I am trying to get yard work done a little at a time despite my back. I did get some weeding done. I was going to mow the front yard yesterday but the blades for the riding mower won’t activate. The lever is stuck in the down position. Chris was able to get the mower moving again (the belt had slipped of a pulley) but I tried mowing after he left (that way he’s allergies wouldn’t kick into high gear) so in the end I just parked the mower by the garage for now.

I am still doing a ton of research for my novel. I am at a loss as to how I’m going to pull it all together. What started out as a simple story has morphed into a monster. So much information. Do I include it? When and how? Is it relevant to the story? Fortunately I received this month’s issue of The Writer and the articles are all very timely and seem to be addressing my current woes with my novel. So I think that after I finish with this I will finish going through that magazine.

Oh and I discovered that the nest over the motorcycle has been taken over by a robin. She has atleast one baby in there that I could see from a distance. I had better wrap this up and get some more words on paper. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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