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Sun and Fun

This is a late late post. I got up with enough time to feed the girls and let them out before I went to physical therapy. And after that I came directly home and went back to bed. We all slept til around 11am. Now that we are up I will do this and then head outside. It will be a hot one today with sun and humidity. I want to be able to be out in it for once.

Stella is laying on the floor beside me snoozing. I was scratching her before I started this. She wants attention and to play. The irises will be blooming this year. they seem to go every other year. So we’ll see if the day lilies bloom. Sometimes they alternate with the irises and other years I get both of them. My orchid is getting ready to bloom as well. I am very excited about that. i never thought I would have an orchid let alone be able to get it to bloom again.

Not much sleep was had last night but it was for a good cause. After I got home from work Chris and I watched the latest Godzilla movie Godzilla Versus Kong. I LOVED it! I don’t want to talk about it too much incase one of you plans to watch it. It is really really good!

I need to get outside for a bit. I will probably do some work in the gardens (I shouldn’t but oh well things are getting way over grown) and just try to relax. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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