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Foggy Paths

This morning is a late morning for me. I just can’t seem to wake up. There is a dense fog moving down into our little valley and the temperature has dropped again. The past few days have felt like the height of summer heat and humidity and now it is almost fall chilly. Still everything is greening up and blooming.

Not much has been happening lately other than work. I have been trying to keep the girls busy where I can. We were up late last night so I could spend some time with Chris. I got home late (we were busy most of the day so there was a lot to do once we got everyone out of the store… which wasn’t until almost twenty after eight last night) so it took me a while to unwind from the day. Essie was ready to go to bed almost as soon as I got home. She was getting desperate by the time we actually went to bed. I could read all I wanted but it had to be in bed.

I did get some very cool photos last night of the moon. I was pumped. Essie was not. I saw my photo op when I was letting them out for one last time before bed. Essie gave me a look when she saw what I was doing. (I went in and out several times to change lenses and try my phone camera.)

It looks like the fog it rolling itself back. It isn’t as far on our property as it was when I started this. Sorry this is so short. I will share what photos I can. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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