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Back to the Back

Truly I do not know what to write about this morning. It rained last night so between my back and Stella freaking out (blessedly Essie just hunkered in closer) I have had very little sleep. I think three or so hours. It is getting harder to function normally. I have one more physical therapy appointment before I can get an MRI. I think what will happen is that I will make the doctor appointment after I complete physical therapy. Then I can have it slated to make sure I get the day off. Something has got to be done.

I had an 11 hour day yesterday. There were times that my back was seizing up and I had to stop what I was doing and stand still. I’m sure there will be more of that tonight. I am on my own tonight as I don’t think I have any managers to ask if I have any issues. I might have one working tonight in the deli…. Right now I am miserable. everyone is so patient with me. Except myself. And it is more impatience because nothing is being done and it is getting worse. Impatience because insurance is making things worse instead of trying to find out what is wrong and fix it.

So no photos were taken yesterday. I will filter through what I haven’t shared yet and try to put some up. I’m sorry for the downward spiral but that is where I am right now. Physical therapy is Tuesday. I work straight through until then.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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